Top Jewelry Trends of 2015

December 29, 2015 by risa

With 2015 behind us, we’re taking a look back at the unique, stylish, and exquisite top  jewelry trends of 2015.  To top it all off, we asked the top jewelry bloggers what their favorite jewelry trend of 2015 was.  From simple and elegant, to bold and wild, read what these jewelry experts have to say about their very favorite jewelry trend of 2015.

1. Stacking Rings

It began with layering our clothes and quickly led to layering our jewelry. Not only were stacking rings an increasing trend throughout the year, but so was layering necklaces – another  jewelry trend of 2015.

Accessorizing your hands with simple and elegant stacking bands can add a unique style  and bold look to your outfit. However, choosing your rings to stack on your fingers is not an easy decision. You want to look glamorous – not like you’ve been shopping in your mother’s costume jewelry drawer.

When layering your rings, you want to choose colors that play off of each other or stick to similar variances of the same color to not make your hands seem too overwhelming. Are you afraid it will look like too much? Create some negative space and learn how to pair your holiday outfit perfectly with just the right stacking rings to give your hands that sleek and sexy look.

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2. Vintage Designs

This year, vintage jewelry from the Edwardian and Art Deco Eras have made their return – for good reason, too. The incredible detail and unique design of vintage jewelry is absolutely something to appreciate.

In fact, thousands of couples this year had their engagement and wedding rings custom designed by jewelers to imitate the vintage and antique design. How would you like one of these stunning vintage engagement rings on your finger?

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3. Layering Necklaces

If you’re looking for the perfect delicate necklaces to layer with your outfit for the night, you are not alone! Layering necklaces has become one of the finest jewelry trends of 2015, but it’s not easy to pull off.

You want to avoid looking cluttered by layering necklaces that are too chunky, while trying to stay away from necklaces that are too thin, as they become tangled. The key when choosing the necklaces to layer is to use chains that are all different lengths.

Take a look at this infographic from Who What Wear. Each necklace stops at a different height on your body.  It is the perfect guide to layering!

Using this layering method, delicate chains shouldn’t get tangled and you won’t have to worry about your outfit looking too cluttered.

Layering necklaces has become increasingly popular because of the way each individual can customize their own look. From cozy to elegant and casual to cocktail – you can’t go wrong wearing multiple necklaces.

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4. Ear Cuffs

It all started with one ear piercing, then two, three, four – and now, the ear cuffs.  A few decades back,  creativity with earrings led to the earring jacket.  With earring jackets, the earring fits inside a jacket that adds further design and detail to the earring.  Hmmm…. a little boring.

With ear cuffs, you can find jewelry that goes from the lobe all the way up to the top of the ear! The exotic look of ear cuffs has made this jewelry trend increasingly popular.  The best part is, you can have this awesome look without piercing your ears!

Customize your look with different ear cuffs in a variety of colors, metals, stones, and lengths. Dress up your casual outfit with a shimmer or sparkle on your ears – or, add a simple touch to your cocktail dress with these gold ear climbers.

If you aren’t sure how to put an ear cuff on, don’t feel discouraged – they can be complicated and function differently than regular earrings do. You can also find many tutorials around the web!

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5. Arm Cuffs

Whether it’s around your wrist or placed over your upper arm, arm cuffs have been a booming trend throughout the year. During the summer months, arm cuffs were perfectly paired with summery dresses to add some glamour for the night.

Continuing with the “layering” trend of 2015, you can wear multiple arm cuffs to jump start your style! Whether you’ve chosen a simple gold cuff, or one a little more daring – you could always use more accessories.

Not sure how to properly place your arm cuff? You can’t really go wrong – although you wouldn’t want it to be too high above your elbow (this might be uncomfortable). However, you can place an arm cuff starting at your wrist all the way to the middle of your upper arm and still look stylish. A cuff on your forearm is more unique, and adds a certain stylish flare to your outfit.

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6. Rose Gold

We’ve seen more rose gold this year than we ever have! Instead of opting for white gold, platinum, or yellow gold – more and more brides and fashionistas are choosing this pink-inspired gold. Some women believe it feels more romantic, especially when they’re looking for a rose gold engagement ring. It’s not just for women, though, men can incorporate the versatile color into their watches or wedding rings!

If you’ve never paired your rose gold with other colors, you should give it a try. The pink hue that rose gold has can really play off yellow and white tones around it.

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Top Jewelry Bloggers and Designers Select Their Favorite Jewelry Trend of 2015

We asked our favorite jewelry experts what their favorite jewelry trend of 2015 was:

Cynthia Gale – Jewelry Designer, “2015 saw the return of substantial, statement piece jewelry. For Cynthia Gale New York, this trend was extremely exciting!! We specialize in the time honored metalwork technique known as repousse, a hand hammered, textured approach to sterling silver. The Wiener Werkstatte Collection was introduced in 2015 and allowed me to share my love of patterned silver in celebration of this incredible, artisanal art movement through large scale jewelry design.”

The Jewelry Loupe – Cathleen Mccarthy, “I am all about Old World craftsmanship and artist-made jewelry on this blog, and I love interesting colored stones. But you asked about trends. We are in an extremely creative time for jewelry design, both for the designer and wearer. What I saw this year was a morphing from stacking of multiple pieces – which is still going strong – to jewelry that has the look of stacked pieces. Full-finger rings, for example, and big geometric open-work cuffs. Some very cool designs coming out this year.”

Beth Bernstein – Jewelry Author/Journalist/Blogger, “I loved seeing brooches worn in different ways on the red carpet during the Emmy Awards. We have seen it during past awards show too and there are so many different ways to wear antique and vintage brooches and seeing it on A-list celebrities have really peaked women’s interest in brooches again. Love them in the hair, on the waistline or back of a deep v gown of a gown (but for those of us who don’t have occasion to wear gowns –) scattered on the neckline of a dress or sweater and on the bottom pocket of a blazer instead of a label. And worn, a few at a time. Layering and stacking should not only be for bracelets, necklaces and rings. Bringing back the brooch is a trend I also seeing going forward.”

Love & Pieces – Elissa Spektor, “My favorite jewelry trend for 2015 has to be statement jewelry, both the statement necklace and statement bracelet. I love how one piece of jewelry can change the whole feel of an outfit and easily puts the finishing touch on a look. My go to statement piece this year has to be a thick curb chain necklace, perfectly dresses up a jean and tee shirt and looks equally as great out at night.”

Ageless Heirlooms – Lauren Thomann, “Ear cuffs!  They let me explore many different earring combinations without needing extra piercings.”

Jewelry Info Place – Risa Borsykowsky (yours truly), “I love the look of stacking necklaces. A woman wearing the perfect combination of stacking necklaces has a look about her that is fun, sleek, and stylish.”

Let Us Know How These Trends Work for You!

This year, the top jewelry trends of 2015 have really focused on accessorizing your outfit to create a sexier and more elegant appeal. Next time you’re planning an evening out – try adding a few of these trends to your outfit and see how it turns out!  Let us know!