The Sexy and Incomparable James Bond Watch

December 8, 2015 by risa

Bond James Bond – and his devastatingly handsome watches! Is there an accessory more sexy, more functional, more defining of the man, than his watch? As each James Bond movie draws near, we don’t know which creates more anticipation – James Bond or his watch!

bond_j82Whether it is just peeking out from under his perfectly tailored suit, or front and center while aiming his gun at his archnemesis, shooting laser beams to cut through steel, or releasing hundreds of feet of wire to quickly rappel to safety, the James Bond watch is, by far,  the most vital tool in James Bond’s illustrious toolbox.

In the early years, James Bond wore a Rolex. In the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, Rolex was known as one of the most luxurious watches designed. Since Goldeneye in 1995, James Bond switched to the Omega Seamaster, because of Omega’s long history with the British military.

omega1Ever since Pierce Brosnan made the change to the Omega Seamaster for Bond, he hasn’t looked back. In fact, an entire generation of James Bond fans thinks of the Seamaster as the typical James Bond watch. The original Omega Seamaster watch that James Bond wore had a blue dial with a blue bezel, and a steel bracelet that had alternating brushed and polished links – a sleek, professional, and sexy combination.

Daniel Craig took the James Bond watch style to a whole different level when he became the new Bond in 2006. Instead of wearing the Seamaster, he opted for the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean on a rubber strap as its replacement, but still kept the traditional blue-dialed Seamaster for a few scenes. However, we stopped seeing it after Casino Royale. With Skyfall, Craig decided to customize the Seamaster look a little more and went with a different Omega Aqua Terra.

Roger-Moore-Liv-and-Let-Die-Rolex-2Even though Bond’s timepiece style has changed over the years, it has kept up with his overall distinguished, dashing look.  Roger Moore,  58 years old in his last Bond movie, wore a Seiko watch in five of his seven turns as James Bond, and proved that with the right watch, you can cut a striking image at any age.

Sean Connery wouldn’t be seen wearing James Bond’s new look.  It is quite different from the leather straps and Rolex’s that Connery’s character wore years ago. In fact, his character would never even think of traveling with two watches at once – yet Craig changed Bond’s timepiece from the Omega Planet Ocean to a special edition of the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra for several different scenes. The Seamaster Aqua Terra even had a nylon strap – a throwback to the Connery era.

While James Bond has obviously had a hard time deciding whether he is better suited for a Rolex or an Omega, his look now is bold and edgy – quite suiting for his personality, don’t you think?

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