Spotlight on the Artist: Cynthia Gale

January 5, 2016 by risa

The gorgeous Cynthia Gale, jewelry designer, entrepreneur, and trend setter, has redefined statement jewelry with her newest bold and beautiful designs – The Cynthia Gale Wiener Werkstatte Collection.   Her collection is a tribute to Wiener Werkstatte, a production community established in 1903 in Vienna, Austria.  Wiener Werkstatte sought to celebrate the craftsmanship of artists, designers, and architects during a time when it was believed these values were fading as society became more industrialized.  The organization only approved objects of outstanding individuality and beauty.

Describing her inspiration,  Cynthia Gale said, “The Wiener Werkstatte Collection was introduced in 2015 and allowed me to share my love of patterned silver in celebration of this incredible, artisanal art movement through large scale jewelry design.”

Honoring this tradition of fine craftsmanship, each piece in the Wiener Werkstatte Collection is made by hand in a geometric style of bold squares and circles, with a detailed design in each shape.  Using the  ancient technique of repousse to decorate the sterling silver, the designs are raised in relief (the silver is projected from the background), crafting fine detail and definition to create magnificent, stunning, statement pieces that demand attention.

The Cynthia Gale Wiener Werkstatte Collection


Cynthia Gale


Wiener Werkstatte Hexagon and Square BangleWW-StackRings

Wiener Werkstatte Stacking Rings


Wiener Werkstatte Statement Urn Necklace


Wiener Werkstatte Statement Necklace


Wiener Werkstatte Pinwheel Cufflinks